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With 28+ years being the CEO of multiple dental practices, and creating additional 6-figure incomes as International Speaker - Author - Certified High Performance Coach and Business Consultant, Dr. Emily Letran is now offering group coaching to GROWTH-oriented business professionals.








And you know your business and personal growth is not up to the full potential, then this program is for you...

What you will achieve?

High Performance Mindset

Evaluate what has been stopping you from performing at your highest level.

Implementation of Strategies

 How to take on challenge, set personal deadlines to constantly move things forward.

Building Credibility & Trust

 Position yourself as a leader and learn the principles of persuasion.

Marketing Expectation & Strategies

How to leverage natural talents and get the team to work towards common goals

Staffing Up & Scaling Your Brand

How do you get a team and what does a common team even look like? What are the basic skill sets that you or a team member needs to master.

Creating Lifelong Raving Fans

How do you create raving fans? What’s going to make the ultimate difference when it comes to creating lifelong fans? And how do these strategies factor into your mission and your service?
"As a high performance coach, I can help you get through hurdles and challenges, creating the "perfect" days at work, and achieving your next level of success......."

"Emily is a go getter for everything and with clarity and purpose we accomplished more..."

Katie To

Cosmetic Dentist

Center for Integrative Wellness and Cosmetic Dentistry

After the first 30 days of attending live coaching , webinar, direct interaction with Dr. Emily and implementation of strategies , if you do not feel the results justify the investment, email us and WE WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY BACK
No questions asked!

We firmly believe the program pays for itself in multiples !

5 Reasons WHY to take part in this Program?


Have Clarity

Imagine going to work having the CLARITY of your goals, with the staff full supporting you because they understand the expectations, the accountability, as well as the milestones your business strives to achieve.


Higher Energy

And when you come home in the evening, you leave the stress and drama of the workplace at work, recharging yourself with ENERGY so you will be fully present for your family as a spouse/partner and parent.


Decrease Stress

There will be dinners with no messenger alerts and disruptive texting. You can truly unwind with your “dumb” phone on silence, at peace.


Build a Community & Legacy

What if you can present treatment or business proposal with the client/patient fully embracing your recommendations? And they stay with your business…forever…because they like you, trust you, and consider you as family.


Increase Productivity

What if you show up at work and your team perform at maximum capacity, breaking sales or service records?

Connect with Growth Minded Professionals, Learn New Strategies, and Develop Revenue-Generating Ideas with Some of the Best in the World!

The online LIVE training will keep you on track and is guaranteed to grow yourself and enrich your life!

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