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  • Monthly coaching calls
  • Training webinars
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To help busy business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs.
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Meet Dr. Emily Letran

Dr Emily Letran is a serial entrepreneur, CEO of multiple dental practices, and private coach to many

As an international speaker, she has been on TEDx and shared stages with countless business leaders including Sharon Lechter (Co-Author Rich Dad Poor Dad), Dan Clark (Hall of Fame Speaker), Dr. Howard Farran (Dental Town), and Linda Miles (The Ultimate Mentor of Dentistry). 

She has been featured on several magazines , Dental Town , Global Woman, See Beyond as well as the
media, Yahoo!Finance, Forbes, USA Today, and FOX. 

She is a contributing writer for Dental IQ,, Dentistry Today, and is part of several Expert Panels on 

Dr Letran is the Founder of Exceptional Leverage Inc., host of ACTION To WIN seminars, author of several books, host of webTV show "High Performance Professionals," and Certified Kolbe Consultant helping team grow with customized insights to boost performance.. 
I am proud to introduce our program that includes monthly coaching webinars and personal access for support to help busy business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

This program gives you practical insights to run your business and at the same time provides a platform for you to communicate and collaborate with fellow business owners.

We guarantee you will see immediate ROI in your investment. 

You can test drive our program for $1 for the first 30 days. After that, is is $27 per month...essentially less than your daily Starbucks or lunch !

The Focus Of Our Exclusive Academy

Finance Management

  • Personal finance
  • Debt management
  • Start-up vs Acquisition
  • ​Joint Venture
  • Wealth building

Business Management

  • Business system
  • Communication system
  • Sales strategies
  • Marketing on multiple platform

CEO Development

  • High Performance Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Influencer marketing

What You Will Learn And Implement


Get on the fast-track to scaling your business. This is a simple step-by-step process that will prepare you for the coming courses


Your "Market Dominating Position" and set yourself apart. Make your company the only choice for your clients and customers

 Higher Prices

Learn the important strategies big corporations use to raise their prices without losing customers

   Cross-Sell/Up-Sell/ Bundling

Master these strategies and watch your revenue skyrocket.

Our program consists of monthly coaching calls, training webinars and 24/7 access to Dr. Emily Letran through private Facebook group

Sample Topics of monthly Training Call/Webinar

  •  Create Your Market Dominating Position 
  • ​ How We Identify Your Perfect Target Market
  • ​ How We Know What Your Prospects Are Thinking Before They Think It
  • ​How We Make Sure You Select Your Ideal Target Market
  • ​How We Can Identify Your Low Hanging Fruit
  • ​How And Why Your Ideal Customers Decide To Buy What You Sell
  • ​How We Create A Compelling Message Your Market Will Respond To
  • ​ How We Help You Write Persuasive Marketing

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